Why are businesses switching to SIM-only deals?

People used to buy mobile plans that included a phone, a SIM card, and the most suitable tariff for their needs. However, it is an expensive option for businesses because it adds to the plan’s overall cost and the cost of the phones. Instead, they will provide only a SIM card with data, text messages, and calls allowances as determined by the SIM card provider and the plan selected by the business. Since these plans offer no phone as part of the package, these plans are often cheaper than mobile plans, making them ideal for businesses, especially those with many employees.

Listed below are the reasons why businesses switching to SIM-only deal

Convenient and Easy

Businesses are often unwilling to sign long-term contracts, some of which can last up to two years. SIM-only deals or Data SIM-only plans allow businesses to select a plan tailored to their specific needs. Companies can pay monthly for as long as they like and get off the plan when they no longer require the service. Data SIM-only plans is very convenient and easy to deal with, especially if your business needs many SIM cards for many employees.

Freedom and flexibility

Flexible plans allow businesses to shop for the best provider and switch between plans as their needs change. It is a sensible choice for businesses that go this route to have the flexibility and freedom to select the best SIM provider and plan.

No restrictions on choosing a phone

There are a lot of businesses that choose Data SIM-only plans that allow their employees to keep their old phones if they like or if they have dual SIM phones. Employees have the choice to change or upgrade their phones as they wish. It gives employees the option of using the latest and best phone of their choice or any phone that can meet their needs.

Transferring or changing mobile numbers is not necessary

Data SIM-only plans are ideal for businesses that want to upgrade their phones but want to maintain their phone numbers simultaneously. To transfer their current number to the new device, they have to remove the SIM cards from their old phones and insert them into the new ones. If you follow this procedure, you or your staff will be able to communicate with clients and customers easily if you purchase new mobile phones or switch to a different plan in the future.

There is no need to keep two phones

Businesses often require their employees to have a business number, which means they will have to carry two phones around. There may be a problem for them when carrying two chargers for one and two phones since that can be inconvenient. It used to be necessary for employees to have two cell phones, but now, it is not required because dual-SIM phones are becoming more popular, as they can use the same device with two SIM cards, one for personal use and one for work-related use. It is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to manage your personal and business phones. 

Utilizing 5G

5G technology has a lot more speed than previous technologies, sometimes up to a hundred times faster than 4G technology. Latest Data SIM-only plans offer 5G technology that features lower latency, meaning businesses that depend on the internet will also experience fewer delays. With that technology, your business can save money on communication. It also eliminates the need to switch numbers when upgrading your phone, and it allows your business and your employees to take advantage of all the 5G benefits.

by | Jun 30, 2022 | Data only SIM