What is the better option for you, 4G or NBN internet?

As Australia’s national broadband service expands throughout the country, many people choose to access the Internet for more than just playtime. There are, however, additional options available as well. Cellular broadband such as 4G internet doesn’t require a physical connection to a fixed location. This system does not require the National Broadband Network or copper wiring to connect to the Internet. Instead, mobile broadband utilizes the same networks as your mobile phone and uses Data Sim to provide internet services. These networks are 3G and 4G, and the 5G network. An access point or a 4G network-enabled Data Sim is necessary to connect to the Internet. 4G enabled mobile devices equipped with Data Sim create a Wi-Fi hotspot that makes accessing the Internet easy for all your devices. The entire network is accessible through your Data Sim network. 

Difference between 4G Internet and NBN

There is a fundamental difference between NBN and 4G Internet. NBN uses fixed lines designed to travel directly to your home from nodes throughout the country, whereas 4G Internet uses primarily 4G and 3G mobile signals. Costs and plan structures are also different. For example, almost all 4G Internet plans utilizing 4G and 3G signals have data caps, even though NBN plans typically come with unlimited data. Since 4G Internet and NBN both use different modems, switching from one to the other may require you to replace your current device.

Benefits of 4G mobile broadband over the NBN


Your 4G enabled Data Sim connection may be faster than NBN’s, depending on your service provider, your location and your device. Average Australian 4G speeds are between 20Mbps and 100Mbps. The NBN offers speeds from 22.7Mbps to 85.6Mbps, and peaks at 100Mbps depending on your plan. 

Wireless setup

Wi-Fi hardware is required to set up a 4G Mobile Broadband, which you can do yourself without paying any amount to a technician. In addition, mobile broadband devices only require Data Sim cards for 4G. In contrast, the NBN is a wired network requiring technicians to install. The speed of 4G is at least comparable to the NBN, even as 5G promises much faster speeds. So there is a good chance you can get faster speeds than NBN, and it will probably cost less.

Is 4G better than NBN?

It depends on your internet usage and whether you can access the NBN, and whether one option is better for your home. A viable alternative to NBN if you live in a suburb without it is 4G Internet, as long as you aren’t streaming high-resolution videos or making constant video calls. If possible, it’s best to use an NBN plan for anything that consumes plenty of bandwidth and data, as they are generally unlimited and provide more consistent, reliable speeds. 


In the long run, the NBN is likely to be the best and most convenient option for your home if you can get it in your area; at least once you get past the connection day, which can be a little bit of a pain if the technician has to come to your home. If you do not want the box installed on your property, or you are simply uncomfortable with the idea of switching to the NBN, 4G enabled Data Sim is a super-easy option.

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