How the IPad has changed the way we do business

Apple’s iPad was dubbed an “overgrown iPhone” by many observers when it first appeared since it looks so similar to Apple’s popular smartphone, and many of its features are shared. In addition to sending and receiving e-mail, browsing the Web, playing music and videos, storing photos, and downloading utilities from the iTunes App Store, the iPad also provides access to various media.

It also comes with a built-in reader, a direct competitor to the Amazon Kindle and other e-reading devices available today. iPads are being marketed as more than simply devices for consuming content online. Apple has revised its iWork suite to work on iPads and Mac notebooks, and desktop computers. In addition to Keynote, Pages, and Numbers, you can also create multimedia presentations. It all comes with the same simple touch-screen interface beloved by iPad and iPhone users alike.

The iPad disappointed a lot of tech geeks when it was introduced. The iPad did not come with a camera, and it could not make phone calls–two key iPhone features. Moreover, it lacks support for Flash-based programming, which turns off many designers and programmers.

However, it quickly becomes apparent that the iPad wasn’t created for hardcore tech geeks. Instead, the iPad target audience involves people who spend most of their time doing leisure-type activities on their computer, such as surfing the web, reading books, watching movies, engaging with content online, and interacting with others.

iPad will be appealing to:

People who dislike computers

The touch-screen interface on the iPad is extremely user-friendly. Anyone who has ever gotten lost on their computer while switching from programme to programme would adore Apple’s new tablet. Middle-aged and older individuals who enjoy e-mailing friends and family, accessing the web, viewing videos, and exchanging photos but dislike the inconveniences associated with a standard computer are key demographics.

Persons who travel

The iPad is a smaller, lighter alternative to a standard laptop, making it extremely portable. This ensures that users will use their iPad in situations where a laptop would be inappropriate. Consider being in a restaurant with a group of hungry children who become agitated and fidgety as they wait for their meals. Why not use your iPad to entertain them and save your fellow diners some aggravation by watching a movie or playing a game?


Kids carry large, expensive textbooks in their backpacks—textbooks that are only used for one course or semester and then are never opened again. So students will flock to the Apple Store in droves to purchase this tablet when more textbooks are converted to an iPad-friendly format.

E-books will become increasingly popular as more people use tablets to access information online. As a result, demand exceeds supply despite the current oversupply of good books for electronic readers. The time for action is now if you want to benefit from this new electronic information gold rush.

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